Inflation rises, get 15 000 One click Coins to compensate!

Easy coins in JUST ONE CLICK, no plugin or addon needed!

15000 To compensate a bit for the inflation happened to the ingame currency in Bubble witch Saga we launch this extra 15 000 coins buttons so the buying power of the bubblers remain a bit better, we don’t want everybody to be poor. ;-)

Next One Click Coins button is scheduled to Sunday, but if you can get us 200 likes before Saturday 18:00 UTC (6pm in UK.) we’ll get one out BOTH Saturday and Sunday! :) You can share this button by clicking THIS link.

Here we got some single Coin links that we can click to open the game a few times before we set the one click coins button off. The reason we want to load the game a few times before we let the button do it’s magic is because we want to confirm that there aren’t pending friend requests waiting for our answer. Free Coins are cool, but it is the friends that makes this game worth playing!

LINKS have been removed because of their best before date.

5 thoughts on “Inflation rises, get 15 000 One click Coins to compensate!

  1. I downloaded chrome yesterday and was able to get coins…today I could not get the 50000 or the 13000 on either chrome or Internet Explorer…any hints are appreciated!!

    • If you collected the 13 000 yesterday, that would explain why you didn’t got them today, since links are usable only once.
      I really can’t tell howcome you aren’t able to get the coins, have you tried Firefox yet?

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