Pet Rescue PUZZLE Saga

PLAYLIST for level 191 and UP!

Click here for PUZZLE playlist from the Blogging Witches!

King released a completely new version of Pet Rescue PUZZLE saga  for Android this month. We can see eggs with chicken to hatch in the game. All levels are revamped, so starting the game from the very first introduction level is a refreshing thing to do, you are not familiAr with the game anymore if you played it earlier. IT IS BETTER NOW! :D

Be sure that you connect your PUZZLE app/game to King or/and Facebook, because the Pet Rescue PUZZLE Saga game is still buggy since this version is a release candidate and not yet worldwide available in the google Play App Store.

Feature Release 8th March 2018, then nothing for a long long time and all the sudden BOOM!!!  All the sudden we have a total of 290 amazing levels to play!

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