Pet Rescue Saga: First SPECIAL 1-click COINS POST! (pet rescue saga lvl 478 – 492)

1-click COINS SPECIAL post is only valid a week from new level launch.

Pet Rescue Saga, 15 000 coins in 1-click

This time there will be 3 different buttons at the SPECIAL 1-CLICK page with coins from NEW LEVELS in Pet Rescue Saga, in this post are the coins for the first button that contains 15000 coins. We are aiming to get a total amount of 50k-60k coins in the SPECIAL 1-click buttons this time! Click THIS or the picture to find the 15000 coins as 1-click button.

The second SPECIAL 1-CLICK COINS update will be made after this post has at least 100 “likes” or “shares”, so remember to LIKE and SHARE THIS POST!

  1. //edit October 31st 2014: Coins removed, since this post is no longer up to date look at for the coins
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