Pet Rescue Saga is switching over to Gold Bars

No more Facebook Credits, use Gold bars in Pet Rescue Saga instead!

pet rescue saga free gold barsWithin a few days the Facebook Credits system as we know it is going to vanish. All Facebook Games will have to either stop selling stuff, get their own in game currency or change to get paid in national real life currencies. Hoop De Loop Saga and Bubble Saga will be taken down the 10th September because of this.

Don’t worry, you will still be able to redeem your gift cards and use Facebook Credits that you have obtained before the change. But you will no more be able to buy Facebook Credits. All of us have got a cool gift from King today. 30 Goldbars. That is the new pay-to-play currency in Pet Rescue Saga and the real life value of the golf bars is 3 US dollars.

Use these gold bars wisely, because the next set of gold bars you get will cost you real money!

I had to use 3 of my FREE GOLD BARS to unlock the new episodes, because we found out that the requests for help to enter 298 and up were converted to requests for lives instead. Watch this video for Pet Rescue Saga Level 298 to see how I used 3 gold bars to unlock the new episode after I had got help from 2 friends and people started to state that I hadn’t asked for tickets, only for lives…


Cheat/Hack for Free Pet rescue Saga Gold Bars?

My guess is that we will see scam attempts within 3-4 days that will promise you FREE Gold bars for Pet Rescue if you like this or that or fill in a survey. I can assure you the scammers will not give you any free gold bars, so just close the website page if you find such page. If it is a blogger/blogspot page or Facebook you can also report the pages to google or facebook.

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22 thoughts on “Pet Rescue Saga is switching over to Gold Bars

  1. Well good bye I have really enjoyed the game and thank goodness I made it to level 290 without using any real money. My money is too precious to spend playing any game. Thanks for making it impossible to continue!!!!!!

  2. sorry. i did not have to use bars. i requested opening level 298 and up thru friends. not sure why you are saying you need to use bars…you dont have to

  3. Wrong. you dont need gold bars to open the new episodes. i asked my neighbors as I usually do with all episodes. dont know why you say you have to use the gold bars when you dont.

    • I edited the post so it more clearly state that i had got help from 2 friends and the last spot open was the one filled with the help of 3 Gold bars.

    • Yeah, I have let the devs at King know about this issue, so we can only hope that we don’t need to use gold bars rest of our lives. =)

  4. Only ONE of my friends ever seems to get my requests for help to get to the next level and I’m sat here, waiting for the others to get messages I don’t think they are going to get. I LOVE Pet Rescue Saga – much more than Candy Crush, actually – but I had to use most of my gold bars to get up to this level and am certainly NOT prepared to buy any more to get to the next! Can this problem be resolved, please?

    • That seems to happen to very many of us. I actually one week managed to send out a small part of requests to unlock the newest episode, but only got two answers with help, got bunchs of lifes instead. It turned out that my plead for help to travel into the next episode of Pet Rescue Saga actualy bever was asked the friends who recieved the requests,instead they recived requests from me that indicated that I was out of life. I did report this to king the other week, so if they just have found the particular fly causing this, they might have fixed it or are working on a fix.

    • Yes,I hate waiting for my friends to help me get to the next level.Sometimes it takes days for them to help.Why all the roadblocks?Why cant we just keep playing instead of being stopped and have to wait for help.

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  6. Where have my gold bars gone this morning I had ten I get told I not top explorer anymore go to the mountain and all my gold bars are gone this is the second time this has happened what’s going on !!!!!

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