Pet Rescue Saga Level 1310 – BUG IN THE LEVEL!!!!

Pet Rescue Saga Level 1310 with tips and tricks by the helpful Pet Rescue Saga Help Group Admins and active Members.

Requirements for Level 1310: Make 20 block combo, clear 100% of the blocks 
and get at least one star to complete Pet Rescue Saga Level 1310. 

Pet Rescue Saga Level 1310 DEMO SOLUTION with visual tricks and tips for you to solve Pet Rescue Saga Level 1310 yourself!

Sharing this video with you to show, after 1 hour of gameplay, Pet Level 1310 has a bug.

Recording #1683Even if you get 20 block combo and clear 100% of the blocks which will give you 3 stars score, game will say you don’t have enough points!!!

So, it is not just you, don’t waste your boosters until Pet Rescue fix it. As soon as its fixed, we will notify you in our Pet Rescue Saga Help Group on Facebook :)

Good luck, Pet lovers!

Kind regards, Blogging Witch LeaP.S. share this post to help others!!!!!

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