Pet Rescue Saga Beginner’s Must Read!

This is the throughout guide with generic tricks, cheats and tips for Pet Rescue Saga, use the level guide index to find specific level guides.

Find Us at Pet Rescue Saga Fans At FAcebookPet Rescue Saga is a very popular member of King‘s Saga Family. The concept is the same as in many other Saga games from King.Com. You take a simple arcade game and put it into an endless Map, then use special Obstacles to make a twist for each level and provide Boosters that can ease the gameplay for players that are in a hurry to level up. In Pet Rescue Saga King have chosen a familiar Block Buster type game. Read on to learn more cheats, strategies, tricks and tips for the Facebook Game Pet Rescue Saga!

The theme for Pet Rescue Saga is (as you probably already guessed) Pets. On most of the Levels you have a bunch of Pets that you need to rescue from the Evil Pet Snatchers. (This appeal to a major part of the mankind = a great game name and idea!)

Video PLAYLIST for PRS that will get constantly updated can be found here.

Pet Rescue Saga has 3 different kind of levels (modes)

1) Rescue Mode: The Pets are trapped above blocks and rescued whenever you can get them down to the bottom. You free the way to the bottom by bursting matching blocks below the Pets. (Rescue Mode Levels)

2) Classic Mode: Tasked levels where you need to remove a certain percentage of Blocks to pass. (Classical Mode Levels)

3) Puzzle Mode: Gain a defined minimum score with a limited amount of moves. (Score Mode Levels)

There are also levels that are combinations of Rescue Mode and Puzzle Mode.

In addition all PRS levels have a minimum score that you must reach in order to clear the level.

Remove a high percentage of blocks and pets by your own actions. If the blocks disappear from the level by hitting the ceiling you can fail the level, because the falling blocks are not cleared by you. The Classic Mode levels can be very challenging, especially the levels that demands you to clear 100% of all blocks!

PLAY Pet Rescue Saga at Facebook –>

Once you play, the levels get more difficult and different types of obstacles are introduced. Such as wooden planks, that can not be removed, locked marble stone blocks that you unlock by using a key block or Master Key Booster. All levels with marble blocks have naturally occurring keys in them. You never need to buy a Master key Booster in order to pass.

You use a key block by dropping it on something hard. That will free the key inside the transparent key box. When the key has no shells you can click/tap it and all currently visible marble blocks will be unlocked and disappear.

More Tips, Cheats and Level Strategies for Pet Rescue Saga

For Levels that aren’t yet listed at the right side of this Page: Level Guides, tricks and tips can be found by watching the Level videos for Pet rescue Saga, many videos include additional information and not only the level walkthrough, like when you unlock something or showcases of using boosters. The videos are labeled with the level and for the moment found at Youtube in this Pet Rescue Saga Playlist. Level video walkthroughs for level 201 and higher can be found in the second Pet Rescue Saga 201 and UP! Playlist at Youtube.

Boosters in Pet Rescue Saga

There are also different Boosters introduced in the game app as you clear your way through the levels. At level 7 in Pet Rescue Saga the Block Buster Booster is introduced. That is the only one that isn’t a paid item and can be obtained with coins.

All the Boosters will help you at hard Levels and can be obtained with either in-game Coins or with Facebook Credits.

Mobile App and Coins in Pet Rescue Saga

June 2013: At the moment Coins are not featured in the mobile app leaving you with no option to get any free boosters except for the 3 boosters you get when you unlock a booster. But you will need to either pay (~1 $US) or connect to Facebook in order to play higher levels than 27 with your handheld. After you have registered an account at facebook and synced your you can log into the Pet Rescue Saga on Facebook with a PC/Mac and use coins to buy the Hammers if you get really really stuck playing the mobile version of Pet Rescue Saga. You should be able to ask the 3 friends needed for help at the bridge after level 27 without using a computer.

Known issue/error and FIXes for Pet Rescue Saga on iOS devices(iPhone, iPad): It is common that the App states that you need to go into the device settings > Facebook and allow access for Pet Rescue Saga in order to proceed. But many of you can not find Pet Rescue Saga in your Settings > Facebook and therefore can not authorize the app!!! To fix this; please turn off your device for at least 15 seconds and then on again. After that you should be able to find the app within Facebook Settings and authorize.

Repeat  the turning OFF/ON until the game has established a successful connection and is synced with your Facebook account.
NOTE! This fix to connect your facebook account will not work without an Internet connection.

If you want to play Pet Rescue Saga FULL version at your mobile device, please read this throughout article: –> Pet Rescue Saga Mobile!

If you want more coins for Pet rescue Saga, you should send many lives to friends, as it seems that lives then are returned to you by your friends and they turn into 100 coins whenever you receive a life and already have a full life cap.

You can also collect coins by clicking wall feed links in your feed for Pet Rescue Saga or collect them from the One Click Coins for Pet Rescue Saga here at the Blogging Witches.

Find Us at Pet Rescue Saga Fans At FAcebookScoring in Pet Rescue Saga

Find out howto gain more points for Pet rescue Saga in the Scoring section!

How many Levels are there in Pet Rescue Saga?

At the moment Pet Rescue Saga have 267 Levels (4th July 2013) or 117 levels if you use the mobile version of the game. The developer team working with Pet Rescue Saga have added 15 more levels every other Thursday for a very long time with only a few exceptions and the new levels seem to continue pushing through at the same rate.

Facebook Pet Rescue Saga Page and Facebook Pet Rescue Saga Help Group

I made a Pet Rescue Saga Facebook Page for coin sharing, tips and real time exchange of information about any issues that might occur in Pet rescue Saga.

And of course we needed a group! the Pet Rescue Saga Help group is awesome, there are several different languages represented and we do our best to understand each other with translating tools. You are very welcome to JOIN the Pet Rescue Saga Help group, if you like to play with friends and don’t mind a mixup of nationalities. :)

You can like the Unofficial Pet Rescue Saga Fans right here to get tips, tricks and coins to your wallfeed at Facebook!

We love the facebook game petresque saga! <3

Kisses and hugs, now just go save ’em ALL!!! –>
// Peetra.

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  1. Level 178 has changed!!!!I’d really appreciate if you could update the video i’m stuck for 4 days now…

    and thanks for everything :)

    • No. And please don’t whine about that to King! People did that with Bubble Witch Saga and all we got was a bigger version of the game, not more visible rows. If you want the game to appear as bigger while you play, you can click on a white area of your browser and then use the key combination CTRL and + to enlarge it. In order to get the normal size back, use CTRL and 0 (zero).

  2. I am unable to hear any of the music for Pet Rescue Saga on my I-pad. It shows that the music settings are on but I can’t hear anything. Part of the fun of this game is the music! Any help would be appreciated.

    • Hi there! Do you have problems with the music in other apps as well, such as Candy Crush Saga or Bubble witch Saga?

  3. Is there a way 2 unlock levels w/o some1 giving u a ticket bc I got 3 stars on level 42 but it won’t let me go 2 the next level n when I send requests my friends say they don’t get them

  4. Zdravím, pet rescue saga má jen 267 úrovní? Hra vypadá, že není dokončená. Budete přidávat nějaké další úrovně,nebo poradíte mi jak se dostat na další úroveň? Děkuji za odpověď.

  5. I’ve finished 147 and went on to 148 and 149 , I ran out of lives and when I went back on it I’ve got to do 147 again?.. I’m I doin something wrong

  6. My wife is on level 169 on the computer but on the mobile version it won’t let her get by 147? Removed app, reinstalled and still won’t let her by. Any suggestions?

  7. I can’t get unlocked past level 177. My friends keep replying to my requests to help me but they don’t show up and I am still locked! Very frustrating….

    • holy crap, that was some place to work!

      I suggest you make some anarchy with a fake name facebook account. Fool both your employer and facebook. ;-)

  8. I just wanna complete a level and move on to the next level without all the stupid stuff y did they make the game sooooo complicated?

  9. I just wanna complete a level and move on to the next level without all the stupid stuff y did they make the game so complicated?

  10. Y does the game have to be so complicating just to play the next level after you’ve completed the previous level I loved the game up until I got to level 27 now I need friend to finish playing!? How corny is that?! I don’t have 3 friends I don’t kno 1 person on facebook let alone 3

  11. I need to move past level 87. How can I? It’s not bringing out the next level and some people are already on level 147. Admin, what do I do? I use iPad.

    • Then you’ll have to use gold bars (pay to play) or make phony accos to send requests too. Remember that it is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN in FB TOS to have more than one FB account and making extra accounts can put your real account in jepardy!

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  16. Okay I really enjoy the game pet Sauga.But I really think it’s a rip off when you have to pay $.99 to get to the next level. I have some friends on Facebook that I send them requests. But it just takes too long until I hear from them. And sometimes I don’t get a response from them.I really think this is a flaw in this game. And it really isn’t fair to all of us to have to put out money to continue playing.I can only hope that this flaw would be corrected in the near future. Since this situation came up I really can’t give this game five stars and I wouldn’t even give it one right now. I guess I’m one of those that are about to say bye-bye to this app.

  17. i have completed level 150 on my iPad.. Can u please tell me why, when I come back later to play I have to repeat level 147 again???!!! Very frustrating!!!

  18. Someone delegated my pet saga off my android phone. I was on level 127. I had it backing up to cloud and Facebook as far as I know but I can’t figure out how to retrieve where I was…. I so don’t wan to start I’ve r at level one. Can anyone help me???

  19. I have been stuck on level 87 for months there is a log across and I can’t pass it unless friends help I need three I have two and and I don’t know if any of the people listed on my friends even play,a lot of people complain on this kind of stuff,how can I pass it

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