High level cheat sheet for ALL the NEWEST Pet Rescue Saga Levels!

prs-level-walkthroughs-pet-rescue-sagaEarlier Pet Rescue Saga Levels solved: –> Pet Rescue Saga Level SOLUTIONS – LEVEL 433 to LEVEL 852 

ALL the hottest/freshest/newest Pet Rescue Saga levels (developed by the innovative King developers in the Kingdom) are updated with sneak peaks for a correct SOLVE for EVERY level.

Bookmark this Pet Rescue Saga list with example solutions on how to complete the Pet Rescue SAGA LEVEL WITHOUT BOOSTERS, by bookmarking it you will find it again when you need it next time!!


  • 853-942
  • 943-987
  • 988-1067
  • 1068-1152
  • 1153-1227
  • 1228-1317
  • 1318-1407
  • 1408-1492
  • 1493-1527
  • 1528-1617
  • 1618-1782
  • 1783-1872
  • 1873-2067
  • 2068-3012

23 thoughts on “High level cheat sheet for ALL the NEWEST Pet Rescue Saga Levels!

  1. I’m stuck on 1181. It’s usually obvious what you need to do to complete the level but this one looks completely random! I’ve no idea what I’m supposed to do to get the pets to come down. Can only manage 1 pet. Can anyone help?

  2. I’m in level 1407 …. i want from game maker any price to give me push to make me happy…..mony , cellphon or visit your company

  3. Why is it that all my recent levels don’t match to the ones you are showing on how to beat the level. I am currently on level 1188 and it is absolutely nothing like the one you show. I have to save 2 pets and there’s a block wall that has to be unlocked in the middle and as soon as you do that another falls. Keys don’t always come and the pet falls on the right of the wall only. Really annoying that all the levels prior as well didn’t match to what you show. Getting ready to give up on this game.

  4. This is getting ridiculous I am now at level 1196 and none of your guides match to any of the levels I see when I play since I have reached this area. Although I have to clear 100% of the blocks but your demo shows a totally different layout to mine. I have uninstalled and re-installed the game and it still shows differently.
    I can’t find any demo that anywhere that matches what I see.

  5. lvl 2436.
    I cant get this solved.
    I always run out of blocks…..

    how do I solve that?
    does not help to have more moves, I still run out of blocks…

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