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Pet Rescue Saga Level SOLUTIONS, the Index Cross Road at the Witches’ Website!

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Level Cheat Sheet for Pet Rescue Saga

Here is the cross road for Pet Rescue Saga Video Walkthroughs, the perfect tool for you to swoosh through levels! Pic your area from these links. :-)

–>  Pet Rescue Saga Island Levels 1 – 10 – Bad Weather Alert (report)

–> Pet Rescue Saga Levels 1 – 432, ALL classic PET RESCUE LEVELS SOLVED

–> Pet Rescue Saga Level SOLUTIONS – LEVEL 433 to LEVEL 852

–> Pet Rescue Saga Level SOLUTIONS – LEVEL 852 to Pet Rescue Saga NEW LEVEL 3000

The pages with solved Pet Rescue Saga Levels are 1000 and more, so we use the indexes to navigate through the help site here. The level indexes are maintained at daily basis to keep up with old changed levels and of course to add new videos whenever King launch them. For Pet Rescue Saga King gave us 15 new levels every other Thursday that were available at PC/Mac for gameplay at Facebook and The mobile updates were not so regular.

You will also find many great vids at the Official Pet Rescue Saga Youtube channel, since we Blogging Witches also gift our strategies and video gameplay to King.  :)

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