Pet Rescue Saga Level TRICKS and SNEAK PEEKS to help you pass ALL Levels FAST without cheats!

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Walkthroughs, tricks, a fast cheat sheet and tips for every Level in Pet Rescue Saga.

prs-level-walkthroughs-pet-rescue-sagaHere is the complete list for Pet Rescue Saga Video Walkthroughs, the perfect tool for you to swoosh through levels!

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Click on the tabs below to find your level number:

  • 1-147
  • 148-297
  • 298-477
  • 478-642
  • 643-747
  • 748-807
  • 808-912

This is the Level Guide for Pet Rescue Saga Levels /  the Pet Rescue Saga help Index.

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the YOUTUBE CHANNEL hosts all the fresh level vids BEFORE we update this level index:


This Level Index is maintained and edited EVERY WEEK, usually daily! That is to keep up with old changed levels and of course to add new videos whenever King launch new Pet Rescue Saga Levels.

You will find many great vids at the Official Pet Rescue Saga Youtube channel!
Please SHARE this library of DEMO’s with your friends, without your support we can not maintain the index accurate.

302 thoughts on “Pet Rescue Saga Level TRICKS and SNEAK PEEKS to help you pass ALL Levels FAST without cheats!

    • yeah, a little bit I think. But it doesn’t need that much of planning ahead though, but watching the video certainly can’t hurt. ;-)

  1. los niveles son muy cortosss, deberian ser muchos mas, o que no se bloqueo (desbloqueo 3 amigos) tendria que ser 1 solito

  2. hola gracia por el juego ya pase el nivel 162 por favor cuando van a construir el 163 por favor gracias

  3. I was so thrilled to find this page. I have been stuck on Pet rescue Saga level 47 for months but the video for level 47 is not the same one that loads on my page and I am still stuck. Any suggestions other than quit playing the game? I have already quit playing Bubble Witch. I only send lives to friends. Even when I cleared all the bubbles on BWS I still didn’t have enough stars. I’m on the verge of giving up on Pet Rescue because I do not have the heart to make that little fish fall off one more time. I usually just close the game right before he falls off now. Sad and frustrated.

  4. Woefully stuck on 171 watched video dozens of times, just not getting it. Oh well i’ll keep plugging away. BTW thanks so much for the coins

  5. Невозможно пройти 217 уровень. Нужно много Block Buster Booster и The Mesh mash Booster. Rocket недостаточно. Это первый за всю игру уровень, который невозможно пройти не используя инструмент.

  6. nivelul 217 este imposibil! :(
    nu stiu ce sa fac ca sa incercat,dar nu reusesc…
    singura solutie e sa nu mai joc :(

  7. I need help
    I complete level 1-275
    Also eternal isles 1-35
    Someone can help

  8. je suis bloquer au niveau 237 que j ai fini le jeu s est bloquer impossible de passer au 238 j ai fait l ai fait 2 fois mais c est pareil quelqun peut il me dire quoi faire merci

  9. Level 99- no matter how I try I can’t get enough points to pass this level .. I get the 10 animals but never enough points

  10. Hi I am done the 237 level, sinde 3 days ago :) .. there´s no more levels for Pet Rescue Saga????? I am BOREDDDDDDDDD !!!!!!

  11. Hej,
    jag kommer inte förbi level 59. Videon till 59 stämmer inte alls överens med banan jag har. Jag har inga djur alls att samla in bara diamanter. Hur ska jag göra ?

  12. Level 178 has changed!!!!I’d really appreciate if you could update the video i’m stuck for 4 days now…

    and thanks for everything :) :)

    • Tack för kommentaren. Jag håller på att spela om spelet för att få in de nya banorna. Tyvärr så har vi som börjat tidigare inte samma banor som ni som spelar Animal Kingdom (värld 1) nu, så det tar en stund att komma till banorna.

  13. hola, alguien me puede ayudar el nivel 178 no carga he esperado 4 dias y sigue sin cargar el juego…. ke puedo hacer¡¡¡¡

  14. Please help my level 110 is different for the walk through videos and I can’t pass it:-( need help. The video shows two sides and it has springs my version does not have springs and it is just one screen:-(

  15. I just cleared level 252 and believe this is the last one you have so far. When would you think additional levels be available so we can continue playing this wonderful game. Thanks.

  16. Hola! una pregunta! yo juego al papa pear saga y paso el nivel 90 y no me habilita para jugar el 91, por qué?

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