Pet Rescue Saga Coins #1

Pet Rescue Saga FREE Coins shared by players for players

Please support our work with a like 1230 at YouTube for this level video of SUPER TRICKY Pet Rescue Saga Level 1230.

Links that you have used are green.

  1. 100 coins / expires 18th Jan 2016. No cheats here, only manual copy/paste!
  2. expires 24th Jan 2016 / Pet Rescue Saga 100 coins
  3. Donate 1snt to Blogging Witches as thank you by clicking this link
  4. 100 coins, a cool freebie for Pet Rescue Saga / valid until 19th January 2016
  5. 100 coins for Pet Rescue Saga / valid until 21st January 2016
  6. 100 Coins for Pet Rescue Saga, valid until 21st January ツ


TIPS! Use the SPACE key to scroll down at this page, it is very handy at any long website, and you get used to it very fast! 😀

This is the permanent and primary page for Pet Rescue Saga Coins, you can also find coins in the other Pet Rescue Saga Coins Page here at the Blogging Witches, if the Admin is in need of extra’s 😉 These coins are collected by a small community from Pet Rescue Saga wall feed, you don’t need to feel like you are cheating or anything. This is not a cheat for Pet Rescue Saga, it is cooperation and social gaming maxed out! 😀

The Coins in Pet Rescue Saga are used to buy Block Buster Boosters. You need to buy them BEFORE you enter a level. If you want to buy the Block Buster Booster while playing the Pet Rescue Saga Level it costs 9 Gold Bars.

You get Coins in Pet Rescue Saga whenever you clear a Level for 3 Stars or upper your score after the first time you have cleared a level for 3 Stars. You also get 100 coins when you have sent a life to a friend and your friend clicks “Accept & Send”. You can collect coins from your friends and also from your own wall feed posts by going to the wall feed for Pet rescue Saga. The wall feed posts gets old in 7 days. You can use automatic scripts to collect from your wall feed. The recommended automatic scripts for Pet rescue Saga are the Game Feeds and the special Feed checker for Pet Rescue Saga provided by gamers United!

You can also find Free Coins for Pet Rescue Saga at the Unofficial Pet Rescue Saga Fans Facebook Page and here at the Blogging Witches.

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280 thoughts on “Pet Rescue Saga Coins #1

  1. I’m on level 44 and can not move on to the next, whenever I try to buy only appears boosters to buy coins with facebook … help me!!

  2. ho caricato le 9000 monete ma sul mio gioco ci sono neanche metà di quelle scaricate….sapete dirmi perchè? grazie

  3. Thanx so much for the free coins. Question: Is there any way to stop the popup on Pet Rescue to invite friends? It comes up every single time and really slows down the loading of one click coins. I’ve invited everyone on my friend list that I think would play, but this is sooooo annoying every time I open up the game. Thanx. Jeane

  4. może mi ktoś pomóc mam poziom 82 i nie mam pojęcia jak go przejść .
    i może mi ktoś wyjaśnić po co są monety w tej grze te w górnym lewym rogu bo nadal nie rozumiem ?
    pomocy ?

    can someone help me I’m level 82 and have no idea how to proceed. and can someone explain to me what are the coins in this game is in the upper left corner because I still do not understand? help?


  6. Thank you for the tips. Still haven’t found anything I need. The last (about 20) of the 100 coins didn’t post at all so I didn’t bother re trying. But it’s still more coins than I had, so thank you!

  7. Ok, now this is annoying. Having to post another comment when you say that a “duplicate comment” is detected?? I’ve never been to this site! Thank you for the coins, but you should know that the last twenty do not post!

  8. thanks for the PRS coins, together we’re lifesavers 🙂

    Speaking of lifesavers, … please do visit this website From Smoke To Mirrors to learn about this book, The first few chapters are free to download. This book shows how all countries can stop burning fossil fuels, replace them with renewable petrol & diesel and still be able to run our cars and trucks and ships and planes … while not contributing to Global Warming … it’s for our children’s future, and their children’s future 😀 thank you

  9. hi guys! awsome work u do! but i hae a question: i use mozilla to get the coins. they also work here but i can only buy the hammer booster. do you guys have any ideea why it’s like that? i can’t use internet explorer because it freezez my computer up to the point of needing restart. can you please help? thanks!

      • aha! could there be a way so we can uy the rest of the boosters with coins also? i mean, can you guys do anything regarding this? i know is quite hard for you to develop these things, but who knows, maybe you are in the mood to develop this even more. that would be awsome 🙂 thanks!

  10. Thanks for the coins. Just one thing however when I use enternet explorer after about half way into collecting coins the site freezes up and always tell me to download the latest adobe flash player. I have the latest 11. but this seems to be an on going probable. Frustrating. I leave it for a while then go back to get whats left. Got most of the coins Thanks so much.

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