Pet Rescue Saga: Special 1-click

special-1-click-coins-for-pet-recue-sagaThank you so much for all the LIKES at our YouTube Channel, the Blogging Witches, we love you, please subscribe! <3 <3 <3

If you are new to the 1-Click coins, I strongly suggest that you first go and read the instructions for the Button in the PRIME Pet Rescue Saga Coins post, where you also can find lots of other free coins. :)

Pet Rescue Saga Special New Level COINS to buy Block Buster Boosters with, last update Friday 27th 2014. =D

This special NEW LEVEL 1-Click is very time consuming to maintain, but getting some likes makes it all worth it. I LOVE YOU!

Primary Coins POST

This is a special place here at the Blogging Witches to find Pet Rescue Saga Coins at, we copy/paste the coin links from the Facebook feed, NO CHEATS! We are expecting HUGE amounts of coins the incoming days after there have been new Levels and everything will be added to this post in parts. You can come back and see if there are new coins all the time! About 2-5 updates are made the incoming days after there have been new levels. The coins are copy/pasted links from various gamers game feeds at Facebook and have an amount of 100 coins / link, because that is the only value that the game offers. We use only “naturally” made coins, a real gamer have played that 3 star score or passed a friend for every single 100 coin link here! :)

I think that you want to bookmark this post to find back to it, since new coins will be added rapidly in small pieces during the upcoming 2 days. SHARE this post with your friends, that way you can ask them if you loose the link. ;-)

Below is Button #1 that you can click to get Coins. The Coins in the Button will be valid for ~1 week from the posting date (~14th Auhgust) , when they first have been posted to the FACEBOOK feed. It doesn’t matter if thousands and thousands of Pet Rescue Saga Gamers click, each account can use a single link once to gain 100 coins while playing Pet Rescue Saga AT FACEBOOK.

  • Here is a special button made for Internet Explorer Users, both Buttons have the same Coins in it though.

Watching the video or sharing this COIN post will not interfere with the button actions.

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The 10 000 freebie coins for Pet Rescue Saga from button above can also be viewed as standalone links at

Watching this Pet Rescue Saga video or sharing this COIN post will not interfere with the button actions.

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  • Pet Rescue Saga Special 1-Click Coins from New Levels

80 thoughts on “Pet Rescue Saga: Special 1-click

  1. I wish we could gift other power ups like we do lives!! Thanks soo much for the coins u all rock!

  2. j’ai toujours le même problème. Nous sommes 3 dans la famille à jouer à farm heroes saga et je ne peux accéder à mon compte car lorsque je vais sur mon jeu, c’est celui de mon fils qui apparait.Nous jouons aussi à pet rescue saga et il n’y a pas de problème; Aidez nous SVP! Merci

  3. ευχαρηστουμε για τα νομισματα !~!~!~ειναι οτι καλητερο

    • I recommend latest stable version of Chrome, but the auto-Coins should work really good for a bit older versions too and the same goes for Firefox and it’s previous version stoo.. The button below the button with the droplist

  4. Bom dia!!
    quero saber como posso ganhar moedas no pet rescue saga? Pq nesse jogo estou sem dinheiro e preciso compra martelo cheguei comprar coins e com ele comprei o foguete no valor de $12,00 só foram descontados dos meus creditos $6,00 e não recebi nada, depois comprei o martelo no valor de $24,00 també, foram descontados dos meus créditos e outra vez não recebi nada. Isso ja aconteceu por duas vezes. Quero saber se tem um link que a gente possa estar entrando para ganhar moedas?
    Desde já agradeço

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  6. Hi there…I used to be able to collect but now it gives me only one collection of a 1000. It doesn’t work after that. Can anyone help me figure this out? Thanks a lot

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  12. WhenWhWhen my laptop crashed I lost the link for multi-downloaading from Chrome – please can someone post it here for me?

  13. RE: Why cant I receive PRS COINS?

    RE: Why cant i receive PRS Coins?

    About 2 weeks ago I finally learned how to collect PRS Coins…
    So, today I came back for more…
    Before I clicked the button I cleared out all requests, lives, etc that FB friends had sent to me…but my total # of coins is not changing…i went back to refresh myself on the steps to take before ‘auto receiving coins’…but I still must be doing something wrong…could someone PLEASE advise…I would really appreciate it…I am down to 3000…and need more.
    thanx in advance :)


  14. About Coins …Each click 100 coins…so 500 link x 100 coins..How long it takes to collect all ???? Personally I like to see each click will give you 2000 coins ( more game play …less click coins.. make sense to you girls..& less work to you too ..voila ! ((

    TA DA!!!!!!! First set of fresh coins! 50.000 coins – expire date 2nd to 3rd july
    By Tatjana Schneider on Thursday, June 26, 2014 at 3:57pm ))

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