Pet Rescue Saga Level 1231

Pet Rescue Saga Level 1231: 4 pets

This is one long Pet Rescue level. During the gameplay and whil removing pet rescue blocks, try to remove metal blocker blocks using the Line Blasts that will show up on the right side on the board.

As you remove blocks, move down and use the Line Blasts, more Line Blasts will show up. One really Important thing about Pet Rescue Level 1231 is that you always have something to move as it is very annyoing when you reach the bottom and no blocks to match – end of level. Use the Paint brush durint the game, but try to save the last for the end.

There are blocks with double wire so it would be a good thing to have an option if you get stuck or till your Line Blast changes the direction. watch our video above these tips, you will get the point ;)

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