Pet Rescue Saga Level 1239

Level 1239: save 7 pets

Tricky level with butterflies! First you need to know, only butterflies can save your pet, no way to get the pet down. When you start the level, remove one line of the same color of blocks, in our video its line of green blocks so all blocks can slide to the left and butterfly  will show up on the board. Basically your task is to fill the butterflies you have on the board with the same color of blocks. Booster Rocket is here only so you can remove one line – you need to use it once you charge it as with removing every line, another butterfly can will show up. To charge butterflies you need at least 16 blocks of the same color, try to remove larger sets of blocks and when the butterfly starts to spring the wings really fast – it means you are 1 or 2 blocks aways of releasing the butterfly.

When one butterfly saves one pet, another pet will show up on the same place. So it is better you get few butterflies in different color as if you release more than one butterfly – second butterfly will just fly always as you get only 1 pet on the board.

Another version to attack pet rescue saga Level 1239: Remove whole columns (Check out the lower right corner to build up and use your FREE ROCKET!) and get as many butterflies down onto your board as soon as you can.
The more butterflies you have, the more you can be ‘filling’ at the same time.
If you get more than one of the same color you can fill them at the same time.
Once you get a butterfly, destroy a few blocks of it’s color, then remove another column.
Another butterfly will fall, but if it’s the same color it will need a few more blocks to fill than the first (so they will not both be released at the same time).
Work on filling them not only with large matches, but by blowing up the bombs constantly.
Destroying lots of blocks at a time with the bombs will also build up the rocket faster.

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  1. So this Level is pretty much the one I’m going to quit playing this game on… It’s way to hard to get the pets down for me… Sad because I was so far and this is by far my favorite game…

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