Pet Rescue Saga Level 1241

Level 1241: save 10 pets

It took me several lives to find some trick for Pet level 1241 as at the start I could save maybe up to 8 pets.

So this is the trick: only 3 pets and 3 Line Blasts will show up on the board. Until you save one pet, another will not show up. But there is also some counting. Another pet will show up on your 4th move, not before. You can pause our video and count closely: after saving one pet, on 4th move another pet showed up.Once you know this, level doesn’t sound that bad anymore right? ;)

Line Blast will also show up when you use one Line Blast from the board.

To avoid getting the pet on the right side where you have no blocks so no Line Blasts, try to make that 4th move on the left side – the pet will show up there. Once I got this little counting trick, need like just few lives to save all  10 pets. Good luck!

5 thoughts on “Pet Rescue Saga Level 1241

  1. Thanks for the tip. I played this for hours before finding your hint and figuring out how to get more than 9 pets to show up.

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