Pet Rescue Saga Level 1242

Level 1242: clear 100% of the blocks


In our Pet Level 1242 you can see Peetra playing level 1242 – where she first lost then played again and passed the level. I like that video as can tell you 2 ways on how to pass level 1242. Blocks always slide to the left so try to think of that while removing blocks. Second part in our video where Peetra passed the level is showing you how to get first Line Blast at the left side, in the same row as other Line Blast with the Vine are and releasing the Vine. The rest of clearing 100% of the blocks is using all those Line Blast and simple matching blocks. In first part of video, you can see how even thought we couldn’t get the Line Blast at the same row as Line Blast with the Vine are, you have 1 Line Blast at the bottom. Try to get that Line Blast, with sliding blocks to the left or /and using Paint brush just below first Line Blast on the right side. Then that Line Blast below next etc etc.


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