Pet Rescue Saga level 013

Pet Rescue Saga Level 13



Below the historical level design explained as we played it before March 2013.

Target  Clear 96% of the Blocks, Get 21 000 points
Before you enter Level 13, you might want to catch up on how the scoring goes for Pet rescue Saga, you can do so by reading this article for Pet Rescue Saga Scoring.

If you wish, you can start by blowing up the Bomb, the Bomb isn’t really needed later on at Level 13 and it gives you 300 points as is, when Blown. :)

In the very beginning you get 4 Blocks that are 2x block of the same colour, be careful to get them together in a cluster of at least 3. Don’t blow them away with the Bomb, that will just decrease your score. This of course doesn’t always works, but you can still manage to make the Level.

Remember that even if the Column Blaster Booster is efficient in clearing out Blocks safely, it gives you poorly points. So the strategic usage of the column Blaster Booster isn’t to clear out as many blocks as possible with it!

3 thoughts on “Pet Rescue Saga level 013

  1. couple of questions:
    > my level 13 has tiles in a space above the pets heads, what is the strategy for clearing tiles and winning 3 star status?
    .>do the coins you earn turn into gold bars?
    I don’t want to ask my friends for $ in real life just to help me cross the bridge
    Thank you

      • Yes please look at it. I never got 3 stars myself. I used only boosters (baloons) to finish the level and still couldn’t get three stars. Let me know how pls.

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