Pet Rescue Saga level 015

Pet Rescue Saga, Level 15

Level 15 is the Last Level in the 2nd episode Castle Meadow in Pet Rescue Saga, you get a chance to send 100 Coins to your wall feed after completing Level 15.

NEW LEVEL VID AS IS PER January 15th 2014
Historical data below this vid.

Level 15 Target: Save 13 Pets, get 18 000 points, 40 Moves

You do not need any Block Boosters to pass Level 15. The only rule for a successful strategy is to remove clusters of Blocks that are located right under any Pet.

This level however  tempts you to try to go for high scores collecting loads of points by making big clusters of Blocks(see strategy pic). This can be fatal, since you have a limited amount of moves at level 15, so focus on getting the pets saved first and go for the highscore after. Good Luck with Level 15! :)


This is the Strategy Guide for Pet Rescue Saga, Level 15, it have the web address To find a walkthrough and see what cheats, tips and tricks other levels have, simply change the number in the URL to find your desired Pet Rescue Saga Level Guide.

2 thoughts on “Pet Rescue Saga level 015

  1. my level 15 does not look like your level 15. The animals are on a separate level from the top. Do i need to change the whole top to one color or what? I’ve tried everything and can’t figure out what is needed.

    • Thank you Carol for your comment, we have now updated the level guide with a fresh video strategy game play for Level 15 in Pet Rescue Saga. Thank you very much.

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