Pet Rescue Saga level 162

Pet Rescue Saga Level 162

Save 4 pets and get at least 20 000 points

Level 162 is the last Level of 15 new Levels that where added 21st March 2013.
It is a fairly hard level, just as we suppose a last level would be! :D

The ever most significant way  to assure that you pass the level is to get the four turtles at Level 162 in the same column when you slides them from their small caves at the right hand side quite in the beginning.


That way you’ll have bigger chances to get Bombs in the random drops near the floor. With the Bombs you then can blast away solid metal blocks under the turtles. Try to get the blocks under the turtles removed as far as possible before you see the floor. When the balloons apper, don’t use them before you necessarily have to.

Watch the video for a successful walkthrough for Level 162.

4 thoughts on “Pet Rescue Saga level 162

  1. is a beautiful game … but it does not seem fair … I have many coins and can not buy anything with them … and some busters would be good … Just give yourself some superpowers

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