Pet Rescue Saga level 172

Tips and tricks for Pet Rescue Saga Level 172

Target: Clear 100% of the blocks and get at least 34,000 points.

Video with no boosters:

Video with boosters (2 hammers)

As you clear the top section, try to clear the metal off the first column of blocks.
Build up your points to charge up a rocket, use it on that first column, then match remaining blocks to drop the key.

Once the locked blocks are open, your next aim is to try and get as many of the metal boxes in a row to get with one of the line blasters (springs)

Use one or two of the line blasters to completely remove all the metal boxes.

To release the next key, the bombs are very helpful, or the rocket could also be used.

The next rocket you build up can then be used on the last column, of metal boxes.

Hopefully you will still have a spring and/or bomb left to help clear the rest of the blocks.

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