Pet Rescue Saga level 200

A little something about Pet Rescue Saga Level 200 =)

200lvl 200, Target: Save 3 Pets

get  3000 Points

With all the obstacles/special blocks Pet Rescue Saga Level 200 is quite hard to pass, not to mention master.

Coins for Block Buster Boosters is essential, if you want to pass the level fast.

That is however not always an option, check out both videos below to get the general idea for the strategy that is fairly the same with or without hammers.

Note that you can use the right hand side Bomb(seen in pic above) to crush the key against the shell in the beginning, but the Bomb is SO MUCH good down lower if you manage to spare that Bomb. However is the game over if you can’t crush the key box to one of the two shells at the right side, so the Bomb will fairly often have to be sacrificed.

IMPORTANT! Do not use the second Key before you see the floor! 

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The first time I passed level 200 in Pet Rescue Saga I used 2 hammers (Upper video)

…and when I went back to increase my score (Lower Video in this post) I was more familiar with Paint Brushes and knew the level a little, so I managed to get a really cool score WITHOUT any BOOSTERS at all! :D


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