Pet Rescue Saga level 021

KING.COM HAVE CHANGED LEVEL 21 AGAIN (5th time, gosh!)….
this is the old written guide for Level 21, but this video below is a fresh video made by Jööti 27th June 2014.

Watch the 4th vid for PRS Level 21 at

Pet Rescue Saga Level 21

Mission for Level 21: Clear 90% of the Blocks, get 19 000 Points

Strategy Pic 21-a: Match blocks at your right hand side of the level, the can be very hard to see sometimes, but then you can click at the wood planks and try your luck.


Always save the Column Blaster, so that you can use it to free up some caged boxes, the Boxes will be very hard to get rid of in any other smart way.


Level 21 was different first, much easier, you can watch the old video for 21 at Youtube, if you wish, here you see the new Level 21.

This is the Walkthrough for Pet Rescue Saga, Level 21, it have the web address To find a walkthrough and see what strategies, tips and tricks other levels have, simply change the number in the URL to find your desired Pet Rescue Saga Level Guide.

10 thoughts on “Pet Rescue Saga level 021

  1. el nivel 21 me esta volviendo loca, no comprendo aun el camino de este juego, solo lo comence por curiosidad y creo que no lo comprendo

  2. ho notato che nell’esempio che mostra,dopo pochi tiri è subito pronto il razzo,perché a me lo dà dopo almeno 13 o 15 tiri e avvolte anche 24????anche se faccio bene i cubi cadono lo stesso,perché????

  3. hola alguien me puede decir como paso el nivel 58 y que función cumplen los diamantes. gracias
    hello someone can tell me how step level 58 and that is the role of diamonds. thanks

  4. This is NOT what the current level 21 looks like on Facebook. Is there a walk-through ANYWHERE that shows how to beat the one on there right now? I’ve been trying for a week now. Ugh. Current level – go to tinypic [dot] com /r/ezfoqr/5

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