Pet Rescue Saga level 030

Pet Rescue Saga Level 30

Save 8 pets, get 15 000 points. 

Never Ever Never click at any of the 3 left hand columns.

New pets fall down in boxes when you have no pets or one pet visible. the boxes appear in columns where blocks have jus been removed. If you get a pet in one of the 3 columns that are at the left side of the middle play area, they can’t be saved at all. if you got two pets there, you don’t get any more boxes with pets.

The Balloons that appears can be good, but as they can pop a block in one of the 3 “forbidden” columns and get you a pet box at the left side, the balloons are to be used very carefully!

You should be able to clear the level without any Boosters, or woth just one or tops two Block Buster Boosters.

Please consult this video for further reference. :)

This is the Walkthrough for Pet Rescue Saga, Level 30, it have the web address To find a walkthrough and see what strategies, tips and tricks other levels have, simply change the number in the URL to find your desired Pet Rescue Saga Level Guide.

17 thoughts on “Pet Rescue Saga level 030

  1. I can’t clear level 29 in pet rescue saga! I either get 99% of the blocks cleared, more than 24,000 points but not both at once to clear the level. Help!

  2. Why isn’t there any help for level 31? that’s where I’m quite stuck with so many keys and bombs and bundled stuff…

  3. I have been trying to clear level 29, and can’t do it! LOL My question is what are all the balloons & bombs for at the top, don’t understand what they are used for. I have gone to so many sites for level 29, and it is totally different than what I am playing on facebook, how can I get help on how to pass this level? Than k You, Sharon

  4. anche io ho lo stesso problema con il livello 29,nei video e totalmente diverso,sembrerebbe che l’unico modo per poterlo passare sarebbe dover comprare le pinze,ma la cosa non mi sembra giusta,perche si parla di denaro reale non quello del gioco.

  5. Eu fiquei quase uma semana parada no nível 29 sem conseguir passar. Tentei várias ajudas no Facebook, mas as posições dos blocos não batiam e percebi a tela sempre muda de posição. Depois de muitas tentativas e concentração consegui passar essa fase.

  6. My level 30 has the gold key. If you get it to the bottom it opens the left side. Do you just let it happen and play the other columns?
    It seems like there are not enough animals to get to eight.

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