Pet Rescue Saga Level 300

Pet Rescue Saga Level 300

Target: Save 4 pets and get 13 000 points.
Get at least 50 000 points to achieve 3 stars.

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The cages have to be broken anyway before the pets can be rescued, so don’t worry if a few pets fall into them.

Concentrate on clearing the cages, only in the columns that contain pets (unfortunately most of them in 303!)

Carefully line up cages near bombs to explode them.

One trick seems to be in sliding your columns so that many of the wooden/metal cages are in the one column so a rocket can get them all at once.

Also remember that once the outer metal has gone from a cage the wood can be smashed on a solid block, so there is no need to clear them completely if they are above something to smash on.

When you get to the bottom rows, resist unlocking the key too soon.

Use the locked blocks to help, they keep the bombs apart so that you can blow up any remaining cages.


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  1. I’m on level 317? I can’t remember, but as I type I’m saving pets… I’m up to 583 and counting. It’s stuck or I hit a magic pet rescue? Lol. I can’t get the game to stop. I’m at 626 now.

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