Pet Rescue Saga Level 320

Pet Rescue Saga Level 320

The main difficulty with 320 is the limited moves, but there are a few ways you can maximise your moves…

The blocks that cover other blocks with mesh (I call them mesh machines) can be cleared if they are ‘hit’ twice in a row, first to clear the mesh from them, then to remove them.
They can only be removed if they are cleared first.

If you can make a move early, before the mesh machines cover all the blocks surrounding them, it makes things easier.
The machines do not start to make their mesh until blocks are removed from the top row of the game, so if you can keep your matches low it delays the mesh.
Save your rockets and the springs (line blasters) within the game, to use as soon as mesh is cleared from a mesh machine block.

Also, if a few springs are facing the right direction set them off with another spring or a rocket.
During the final few moves of the game balloons drop. Aim to save most pets before this so you can use the balloons to save one colour to group and collect many points in one move.

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