Pet Rescue Saga Level 347

Pet Rescue Saga Level 347

347Target: Save 7 pets

The extra pets (that aren’t on the board to start with) all seem to fall in the middle column, so the sooner you open up the central column the better.

For your first move, look for one you can make that involves a block in the central column, this will get a sixth pet moving down the board sooner.

Free the other pets using the paint carefully so that you do it in as few moves as possible.

As soon as the first two pets from the centre are free another will drop in the same column, so you could try to clear them first.

I found it more efficient to do the sides first though, and in doing them, more paint dropped and it was easier to then do the middle.

Keep some paint handy to paint a path down to the bottom for the final pet.

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