Pet Rescue Saga level 037

Pet Rescue Saga Level 37

Mission for Level 37: Save 8 Pets and get at least 50 000 points.

At the moment you can use as many Block Buster Boosters as you buy before you enter any Level, that should really help passing Level 37!

Strategy Pic1, Lvl 37

Level 37 is a very challenging level to play. You might loose the level almost in the very beginning. Remember to buy the Block Blaster Booster(looks like a hammer) BEFORE you enter the game(you can indeed buy it while you play the level as well, the cost is 9 FB Credits), that way you will have 3 chances to remove any unwanted block, if the Column Blaster isn’t available when you need to free a key.
One hard problem is not to get pets in the way under the keys in the Upper part of Level 37. For screen one(Strategy Pic 1) it is fairly easy, just clean out the left side first. That way you don’t crush a key box by mistake and can keep an eye on the keys. It seems to be smartest to use the right side keybox here.

Strategy Pic 2, Lvl 37

Strategy Pic2, Lvl 37

Then the hard part starts, you need to clear your way to the Bottom taking one key with you all the way down without loosing any Pets. Use TIME, the Column Blaster or the Block Blaster Booster to make it. You should let the screen roll up, so that you have 3 rows with locked stone blocks when you break the second key Box. In Strategy Pic 2 I use the Column Blaster to achieve that.

Strategy Pic 3, Level 37

After clearing out the middle massive stone block part you are good to go. Match your blocks all the way to the Bottom. When you see the first stones from the Bottom, start building up a Column Blaster. If you haven’t used all your Hammers yet, the Column Blaster and the Hammer should give you a fair chance to achieve 3 Stars at Level 37.

Here is a video for Level 37, to give you more material to study, since Level 37 certainly is a hard nut to crack! Good Luck!

This is the Walkthrough for Pet Rescue Saga, Level 37, it have the web address To find a walkthrough and see what strategies, tips and tricks other levels have, simply change the number in the URL to find your desired Pet Rescue Saga Level Guide.

18 thoughts on “Pet Rescue Saga level 037

  1. Thank you so much for your tips! After failing the level every time it only took me three tries to get the hang of it with your instructions. Much thanks!

    • Thank you for you feedback! I’ll keep this tips post as a model for upcoming cheat, tips and help articles for Pet Rescue saga!

  2. How do you get the animals to come down? I’m stuck on level 36 and not many animals fall, they go stuck on the wooden blocks! Thanks.

    • It must confess that I can’t figure it out myself, I can play the Level succesfully, but it just doesn’t make sense how they get down. :Z Here is the video for Level 36

    • To get the animals down I blast to the left of them and they always then come down. To get more rockets quicker, Click the biggest number of coloured boxes. I finally worked it out after failing blimmin loads of times but can do it easily now.

    • hi i couldnt figure it out at first how to get them to come down, then i realised get one animal at a time down or as many that are on the start up screen, i noticed if you get one animal down then soon as you click more set of blocks another one will come down ect hope that helps it did me , was on that level for weeks soon as i realised that voila finished the level

  3. After failing level 36 about 50 times, I finally realized that the animals will fall, when you blast the column directly to the left of the,. It works everytime. GL

  4. Thank you so much….boy finally I passed this board after being on it for 2 weeks….Thank you Thank you Thank you…

  5. I am on level 57 in Pet Rescue. I get to the second level down and it kicks me out. I have shot the arrow up every possible way but still can not get it to drop to the next row of blocks. Anyone know what’s wrong with this?

  6. I have 30,000 coins but cannot buy any boosters with them. I can only use FB credits which I don’t want to buy.

  7. This walkthrough does not match the game currently playing on pet saga for level 37. There are no pets at all. You “simply” have to remove all of the blocks.

  8. Ik moet 4 dieren redden maar twee staan van elkaar af en de kleur komt verder niet in het spel door .Hoe krijg ik deze dieren toch tevoorschijn ik heb niet genoeg punten voor gereedschap en wil geen geld uitgeven om te kopen

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