Pet Rescue Saga level 371

Pet Rescue Saga Level 371, guide originally written for and published in our AWESOME Pet Rescue Saga Help Group.

Current reviasion for the Blogging Witches by Lynette:

First, remove the centre carrier with the pinwheel

Pinwheels clear blocks around them, that correspond with the colours in the wheel, the colours change according to what is beside the pinwheel.

In level 371 it is essential that you open the middle pet carrier (and none of the others!) with the pinwheel.

A good way of making sure the carrier above the pinwheel does not open also, is to try and keep a block between it and the pinwheel.

Next, slide the cages together to free the pets

Next, slide the cages together to free the pets

After the middle carrier is opened the pet from it needs to be rescued before the other carriers can join and open.
This level is very tricky without the help of block busters (hammers) but can be done if you’re patient enough to keep retrying until you get blocks that are easy to work with! 

ALL TIME MOST WATCHED VID at Blogging Witches channel, Pet Rescue Saga Level 371 by Mainewil:

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