Pet Rescue Saga Level 398

Pet Rescue Saga Level 398, written guide and video by the Blogging Witches

Target: Save 5 pets and get at least 8000 points. 


TIP: This level works best if you can get the columns to slide to the left.The way to do this is by blasting them with the rockets, or by a whole column of the same colour matched.To free the pets I started in the far right column…The columns with more than one metal block (and no spring under them) need to be cleared from above with a spring pointing down, or by your rocket.Be careful not to make matches directly beside the meshed springs until you want to use them. As soon as you make a match that frees them from the meh, they will go off!The three pets out of carriers can be brought to the bottom of their columns, then slid to the left by setting off the spring directly to their left.Only do this once they are at the bottom of their columns.The two pets in carriers need rocket blasts, or springs from above (if you can move them that far over!)Then, once both are down set off the spring between them, they will come together to be opened.