Pet Rescue Saga Level 416

Pet Rescue Saga Level 416

416Goal: Save 3 Pets.

The 3 star score would need 25 000 points.

You’ll get 2 springs within the level. You’ll need to use them to remove solid blocks under the pets at each side. Use the paint buckets to your advantage to even the rows before you use the springs. This goes for both springs.

You don’t necessary need to remove blocks in other columns than those where the pets are.

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3 thoughts on “Pet Rescue Saga Level 416

  1. I LOVE this “written tip”!!!
    would love for levels to have a written summary and a video…
    I guess I can comprehend written tips better than video… because you never get the same ‘playing board’ as is in the video.
    either way, this website still rocks!

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