Pet Rescue Saga Level 426

Pet Rescue Saga Level 426

Target: Save 12 pets

Work from the left, clear as much as you can, as quickly as possible.
Don’t unlock the key until the pet closest to the right has slid over a few columns and won’t get stuck on a ledge for the reminder of the game.
Only 3 pets are ever on the board at one time, so you need to get them down fast.
The next click after one has gone will allow another to fall, so try to keep them falling in the columns nearest to the left as you can.
Use the hammers (block busters that you earn within the game) and the bombs and line blasters (that drop) to continually clear the four left side columns, the pets will naturally fall towards them.
The line blasters in particular are great for blasting, facing right, across the bottom row to completely clear it.

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