Pet Rescue Saga level 043

Pet Rescue Saga Level 43

To get the required amount of points in this level you need to gather large groups of the same colour block, trying to include as many x2 as possible (as each one doubles the score for that move)

OLD LEVEL DESIGN for Level 43:

Target: clear at least 935 of the Blocks, get 8000 points.

43With all the solid blocks that needs to be bombed away, this level give you a very hard resistance. There doesn’t seme to be any one right way to burst the needed amount of blocks. You need to get as many sold blocks with the Bombs as possible.

I try to get as many coloured blocks to match in the beginning taking the solid blocks down to be removed with the help of the Bombs. Taking out a few solid blocks in the middle in the beginning have also been proven to work quite good.

This video is one example for how to pass Level 43, but certainly not the only way to do it.

25 thoughts on “Pet Rescue Saga level 043

  1. I’m In level 43-I made the score & right amount of blocks-yet it says I FAILED!! This is the 3d time..What gives?? I’m guessing they just want you to buy the Hammer..

  2. I want to see this level cleared WITHOUT the use of a tool. This game does NOT give you enough coins to purchase them and do NOT allow them to be ‘picked up’ or ‘earned’ enough to help. I do NOT like the games that basically require you to spend money to level up or ‘get the good stuff’.
    They can still make it difficult but DOABLE without needing to spend the money. That should just be for the people who want to get through as quickly as possible or have money burning a hole in their pocket.
    CUT IT OUT! Make the game more ‘poor folk’ user friendly!

    • We provide about 30 000 – 40 000 FREE Coins for Pet Rescue Saga each week, in order to help all readers of this website to pass the levels as explained in guides or shown in videos. Don’t use your coins on easy levels, spare them to the hard ones. :)

  3. Reckon you always need a bit of luck, but without boosters here’s a few ideas I used:
    First, get a bomb at the very top if you can.
    Then get rid of coloured blocks at the top, then use bombs to get rid of single blocks and solid blocks at the top.
    Continue this as you work downwards.
    You may get at least 3 bombs together – it seems best to go for one of the inner ones first (this may be old news, I don’t know)

  4. Hi my level 43 on pet rescue saga which I play through facebook looks nothing like this can you please go back and review. Thanks

  5. hola ya intente de mil maneras pasar este nivel y nada ni me salen globos ni bombas ni nada llevo 1 mes en este nivel y nada espero y puedas ayudarme mil gracias.

  6. hola llevo mas de un mes en este nivel y no puedo pasarlo espero y puedas ayudarme ya q no me salen globos ni bombas para pasar el nivel y el cohete solo sale 2 veces :(

  7. me toca pasar al nivel 34 pero los secuestradores de mascotas me bloquearon el paso como hago para avanzar??

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