Pet Rescue Saga Level 470

Tips and tricks for Pet Rescue Saga Level 470

Pet Rescue Saga level 470 Video Walkthrough Guide (YouTube Video)

Target for Level 470: Save 12 pets within 60 moves or less.

Pet Rescue 470

(The lower video example here is from a previous version of the level that had 70 moves and asked for 14 pets)

Don’t pop the balloon right away when you start playing Level 470 in Pet Rescue Saga. You will need it a little later in order to pass!

Build up your score to create a line blaster (spring) booster as soon as possible.
It is building up in the lower corner and when it is litup you can use it.
Balloons do get you the build-up Pet Rescue Saga Booster FAST, but is not really what you want here.

Speed, plus the amount of blocks you clear at a time will build up the booster pressure gauge quicker (and you’ll have more springs to work with.)
Use the first spring to un-mesh the bottom block in the centre column. Now pop the balloon to clear it.

This will get things moving in the central column.
Explode any bombs that fall in the centre as it will set off springs and clear blocks from that column to get more springs falling, and if you’re lucky balloons will fall to make clearing the blocks easier.

This level now only gives you one pet per column at a time.
So to keep the game moving, as soon as a pet has been saved, click away some blocks from the column it left to open it up and allow another pet to fall.
This way you can be working on lowering the maximum of six pets all the time.

It is a difficult level to get the required amount of Pets in the limited number of moves.

If you want to get a 3 star score for Pet Rescue Saga level 470, you need to get at least 30,000 points.

Perseverance and luck are needed!

3 thoughts on “Pet Rescue Saga Level 470

  1. I do not get all of these pets in one row, I only get one per row and will be playing this game much longer. It is wrong to get you this level and make it near impossible. I don’t live my life for this game, it “was” my de-stresser but no longer. I guess another game will take the lead.
    Too bad for pet rescue

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