Pet Rescue Saga Level 562

Pet Rescue Saga Level 562

Target: Rescue 4 pets

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Work your way down the board matching the largest groups you can, to build up a line blaster (spring) booster as soon as possible.
With your first spring, try to remove as many metal boxes as you can.
Hopefully this will get them from between some of the fire and ice bombs so you get a live bomb from them.
As you move down the board your other fire and ice bombs should also meet.
Try to leave one side of the board higher than the other, so that all your bombs will not blow up at once.
The next spring you earn can be used to destroy one of the solid rows of metal blocks.
Then, blow the bombs that are closest to the centre of your board.
Your aim at this stage is to destroy as many of the metal boxes in the row that also has the squirrels (as pictured above).
This should get you another spring for the second solid row of metal boxes.
Now the final bombs will hopefully blow the remaining metal boxes from under your squirrels.

The blocks do not always fall so that this method works, so keep trying, and don’t be afraid to give up early (and lose a life) if you’re not getting the fire and ice bombs together.

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