Pet Rescue Saga level 057


Pet Rescue Saga Level 57

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8 Block Buster Boosters used in this video:

This other video is probably the way this level is MEANT to be played, only one hammer used.

The article below this text is for the OLD Level 57 in Pet Rescue Saga, I wanna save it for historical reasons.

Well, since nobody have yet mastered Level 57, we are eagerly waiting for an update or alteration for this Level. Many of us have played it hundreds of times already, but nobody admits to have mastered it.

We got a first one! The amazing gamer Radu Daniel Opincariu  cought his amaziing gaming at video, so there is no doubt on his skills!

Level 57 passed! (Yiiihha!)

Level 57 rollUp (Oh-no…!)

With the 95% clearance needed to pass Level 57 is IMHO IMPOSSIBLE! I have came pretty far down the level by having this ScrolUp Video for level 57 beside my gaming and check what kind of obstacles is coming up next. :) I actually helps quite a lot, even if it is a bit different colours and so on. The Obstacles remain the same in every game, so you can use this video as a map to the level. Start at the End and move in the video when you bet lower down in your own gaming. I rearranged the videos, so they are nicely piled directly upon each other, this way I can have them both beside my own game, while I try to pass. :)

PLEASE COMMENT IF YOU PASS IT!!! I think that passing it by buying loads of Boosters can’t be acceptable. One Booster is okey, even two, but really, this level could easily take up like several, several dollars just to pass…?!! Couldn’t the small fees be somewhere else, so that you don’t need to feel that you CHEAT when you do what the Devs want us to do most – spend some money.

This is the Page for Pet Rescue Saga, Level 57, it have the web address To find a walkthrough and see what cheats, videos, strategies, tips and tricks other levels have, simply change the number in the URL to find your desired Pet Rescue Saga Level Guide.

75 thoughts on “Pet Rescue Saga level 057

  1. i know its meant to be a challenge – but when you set the levels at such a difficult level, it really defeats the purpose. plus to buy the boosters is really expensive. i was really enjoying this game until i got to level 57. now i have gone completely off the whole thing. why cant you have the boosters as you do in bubble witch – so it doesnt cost a heap of money to play

    • hi i made it passed level 57 without buying anything at all im actually at level 87 and cleared it but it isnt going any further just wanted to know will there be more levels or am i doing something wrong to where im not moving on lol i love the game and so do my friends they have me go into thier games and pass the levels thier stuck on lol let me knnow what is going on love the strategy games

      • The official page have stated that there will be new levels soon. i can’t wait what great they have planned for level 88!

        • I Am on level 114. I am really enjoying it , I cannot afford to buy boosters so it is all done without.

  2. Okay, he passed and was as to know the first. But he had to buy hammers with FBCredits so how much did he use? Plenty of money there so 3 are definitly not enough.
    In our opinion they made this level undoable for the regular user so they will not start asking and whining when the next level comes.
    For me has made a huge mistake with this action and me, my husband and 4 more friends are done with it after a lot of tries……. Too bad, was a good game….

  3. just now made it to level 57 :-o It just keeps going for ever! I only had 1 life left & barely made it any distance down at all. I’ll be studying these videos & tips in detail to help but I also really don’t like to keep using the boosters – feels like cheating – but this level is sooo massive. Level 53 took me close to 2 weeks to get through; not sure about this one. It may defeat me!

    • I have the same Feeling, it feels like cheating, when you can use as many Hammers as you want, but it is possible and so obvious, so it is hard not too. :P

  4. At the start of the video you click on the booster you want to buy and your ingame coins are used. I have 9000 coins but it does not have ingame coin purchase option. Only FB, cell phone, and Pay Pal. What am I missing?

  5. Hi
    Thank you for the coins that you gave us. Why can I only buy 3 hammers and nothing more. Only when it is finish I can buy some more hammers. Why?
    I tried hundreds of times, and looked several times at the video, but I can not unchain the second chain. Why not?
    Please help me.
    Thank you.

  6. I am trying to get through level 57, but the game keeps on stopping where the bombs are in the glasboxes and I can’t understand why? What am I doing wrong here and what is the task? Why isn’t the game rolling further down so I can continue?

    • Have you cryshed any of the glass boxes? When you do so, they turn into Bombs and you can click on a Bomb to explode it.

        • I don’t even get a chance to look below the glassboxes with the bombs? … and therefore I can not let them hit anything hard? As soon as the second ballon is popped, – the game stops?

        • oooh, do you have a rocket burning after that? If so, you need to use it in order to proceed.

  7. Even if I use the rocket, the game stil stops. Can not seem to get it to roll further down in any way???

    • I really starts to sound that you have ran into a bug in your version of the game. Try to uninstall the app, clear out cache and then reinstall the app.

  8. There is still a glitch on level 57!! I can only get below the glass boxed bombs only once in awhile…rockets don’t work to bust them and neither does the hammer :( Is there any way for ya’ll to contact Zynga with this problem? Thanks, love your site!!

    • One tiny thing. :) This is not a Zynga game. It is a King.Com game.
      The glass boxes disappear whenever they hit something hard, like the ground or a pillar.

      • Sorry, knew that about King, sorry :(

        Just so frustrated…you posted that the rocket or hammer would bust the glass box bombs, right? They do not do that for me…got the game working correctly only several times, had no problem going way d o w n, then, zap, back to the ‘invisible block’ at the glass boxes. I have been below the glass boxes one row several times, also, bust all tiles above, no ‘skip down’, so use the rocket, nada, zilch, zip…any help is aprreciated, thanks.

        • I would love to see a screenshot or video of your problems with 57. you can use to upload a pic and paste the url into your answer, the service is a way to make videos, if you want to show that, it is very easy to use, there can be problems with audio though, so you might want to just shut off the audio.

        • Oh my, no, the rocket and hammer do NOT burst the glass boxes. I am so sorry if I have posted that misinformation somewhere!!! The only way to break a glass box is to get it to hit something hard, like a pillar or the ground.

      • Thank you Gail (y) for replying the same problem as I have ;-) I have now reinstalled the game, and the problem is still there!!! You can not let the bombs hit something hard, when you’re not able to get below the row, where the glas boxed bombs are! It’s impossible. And I can’t seem to get any logical reason for when the game is rolling down and when it is not!

  9. I am on level 57 and every time i get to the first bombs in glass the level ends i dont understand why it does this i havent lost any blocks but once i get to that point it ends every time it is so frustrating is something wrong with the level please help

  10. Okay, did it, easy, thanks for sharing the site!! LOL, now what do I do with the video I have saved on my desktop?! Tried dragging it into here, did not work, copy & paste does not work, either…I have no url :(

  11. After 2 weeks of playing this level, I finally passed it!! Woo hoo.. I did not use any boosts or buy anything. The key for me was to not let the last key unlock the single block, but to move it over so it unlocks the line of locks below. The video posted above of the person beating the level by using one hammer was helpful, that is pretty much how I did it, minus the hemmer.

  12. eu queria saber, pq meu pet rescue saga só foi até o nivel 87. não consigo mais ir pra fente. por favor espero resposta. agradeço.
    I was wondering, cuz my pet rescue saga was only up to level 87. I can no longer go fente. please wait response. thank you.

  13. i guess i am DONE with Pet Saga Rescue. Dang it. It was my fav. but level 57 is IMPOSSIBLE to get thru without spending money, which i do not have. ADMIN…. maybe an update so this fun game doesnt end for many at 57?

    • mmmm :) I’ll work on some written strategies. There might be slight delays with that though, since I am affected by the bug making Pet Rescue saga load only a white page. I made the second video in this post though, that is played without any cheats or paid items, so I might be able to figure out something sane that helps by trying to remember my logic behind the moves in the clip.

  14. the problem is…. the key only unlocks the 1st chains. 5 times i’ve watched your video, above. 5 times i’ve moved that key over and still it only unlocks the 1st chain. consequently there is NO WAY to unlock the 2nd chain. ;-(

    • Right in the beginning, you are probably using the upper key very fast. You need to clear the 3 upper rows (4 if you count the key as well) to lower the level so much that you can see the second locked stone block. Only then you can smash the key into a pipe or stone and then you unlock TWO blocks at once and will be able to use lower keys for stones that comes lower.

  15. THANKS! guess i was being a cry baby too soon. your tip to eliminate those 1st 4 rows worked. still took me about 10 lives to beat it, but beat it i did! now onto 58!

  16. I started this pet rescue as a way to relax when I am up late or after comming home from work.but it is no longer fun . now I just get stressed and upset because I can’t get passed level 57. I also play bubble witch . at least it is still enjoyable to play but I am waiting for them to unlock Isle 29.

  17. OMG! I cleared level 57. I was getting really fed up with it, just about decided to give up on Pet Rescue, had 5 lives ready to go before going to bed and just did it.

    How? I think with lots of these levels it is really luck more than skill, but I just kept clearing from the left where possible, only clearing on the right when I had to.

    Prevously I had too many pets stacked on the left side and they dropped off, but somehow I managed to get bombs down with them to clear the way.

    Am I pleased? well yes, but not elated, just really hacked off with this level.

    Hope it gets better, or I’m out of it.

  18. just cleared 57 using no boosters. after a couple of dozen or more attempts. after the first key unlock, i tried just clicking like a madman and surprised that it worked.

  19. para poder pasar el segundo bloque con cadena hay que tenerlo visualizado antes de abrir el primero.
    to pass the second block with string displayed must be taken before opening the first.

  20. Bonsoir, en ce qui me concerne quand la clé tombe elle n’ouvre pas les trois premiers niveaux comme dans la vidéo, je suis donc bloquée très vite…. Peut être problème du jeu à résoudre

    Hi, in my case it falls when the key does not open the first three levels as in the video, so I quickly blocked …. Can solve problem gambling

    • Vous devez effacer les 4 premiers rangs avant d’utiliser la clé.
      You need to clear the first 4 rows before you use the key.


  22. I have lots of coins to buy the block buster but as soon as I try to use them it always go to the page where you pay by credit card…i want to use my coins not my credits card….any suggestions??????

  23. Meu nível no pet está no 192 e acabou.. ñ gostei entrei no reino místico, passei por várias dificuldades para acabar? quando vão liberar? ou se está liberada como ñ consigo acessá-lo.

  24. I cannot get past level 57. It says the bridge is out and I have to have 3 friends help me cross, but nobody I know plays this game, so I guess I am done. It was fun while it lasted.

  25. Im on level 912 and ready for the next level….. its a fantastic brain game… I have never bought any boosters of any sort … and cherish this game lolol I do have some determination about me…..alls I can say is the levels and be accomplished without buying….

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