Pet Rescue Saga Level 571

Pet Rescue Saga Level 571

Pet Rescue Saga 571

Target: Rescue 7 pets

When this Level was first released it gave you 50 moves to rescue the 7 pets, within a day the number of moves changed to 35, then to 30!
It was easy to pass with 50, challenging at 35, and almost impossible at 30 :(

Luckily almost a week later, this level has gone back to 30 moves :)

Your first aim in this level is to, in as few moves as possible (by clicking on the largest groups of blocks) build up your balloon booster.

With the booster pop a color that will cause blocks to join into matches in the bottom row and once they’re cleared the spring (line blaster) should drop.
Use the line blaster to completely clear the bottom row which should get things dropping in the central column.
It is random, what will fall. If you get all cages, quit the game and try again.
If its blocks that you can match, completing might be possible.
What you really want is lots of bombs and pets!
Use balloons that you build up to pop colors that will free your pets, try to do this while they are under the wall so they don’t go back to the top of the blocks to be rescued.
Blow up all the bombs you can, don’t worry if you lose a pet into a cage, it will cause the cage to move out of the way and more pets can drop.


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