Pet Rescue Saga Level 582

Pet Rescue Saga Level 582

Pets 582

Target: Rescue 4 pets

When this level was first released it had 30 moves, but within a day it changed to 28 then 26 moves.

It was a very difficult level to complete in only 26 moves!

Luckily almost a week after the mysterious change, this level has 30 moves again.
The video example here is for the 26 move version, but the same tips apply :D

A board that will let you pass is one that starts off with large group/s of the one color.
You need these to build up the booster and swipe the crates as quickly as possible.
Try not to move the middle two columns down too soon and not to do them individually (keep them level), as this seems to cause a metal block to drop and makes the level a whole lot harder with one more obstacle to destroy.

Clear the mesh and metal off the bottom blocks and drop the pets down, at the same time move the two balloons to the bottom to break their glass.
Use a balloon to free one pet, then free the other two. If you also have a metal block to destroy line it up with the remaining pet carrier to swipe with the next line blaster you build up.

The wooden crates will smash when they hit the ground.
Once all the obstacles are gone, hopefully you will still have enough moves to bring the pets down.

This picture shows how to line up the metal box with remaining pet carrier ready to destroy!
Screen Shot 2014-06-07 at 10.24.20 am


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