Pet Rescue Saga Level 592


Pet Rescue Saga Level 592

Target: Rescue 16 pets

Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 10.24.51 am
On this board, you get 4 pets at a time, so your aim is to drop those 4 as soon as possible and make room for another 4…do this 4 times and all 16 pets are saved!

The way to get things moving is to look for the largest groups possible to clear from the board. Use the pin wheels to join groups of several colors together for the largest groups.

Once you’ve built up a line blaster booster (spring) use the first of them to clear away the metal blocks.
As soon as any pets leave the board, make room for more to drop.

It can help to only concentrate on one side, or section, of the board and have all your pets falling in the same columns.

Use the line blasters you build up wisely, clear metal blocks from under the pets, or simply swipe away a row beneath them.
Try to make as many of those line blasters as you can (swipe large numbers of blocks !!)

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