Pet Rescue Saga Level 596



Pet Rescue Saga Level 596


Target: Save 4 pets 

This level can be tricky if your blocks do not cooperate.
All you have to do is line up the metal blocks under the four pets and have them ready to swipe at the same time you have a line blaster (spring) ready to get them!

Pet Rescue 5

Work your way down the board, making large matches, and including x2 blocks for the points, to build up your booster.
Try to keep the metal blocks level as much as possible, look and plan your moves to do this.
If you have them level, and need only a few more moves to earn the booster, look for matches to the sides, or that only involve columns that don’t have pets.
Only the columns with pets need to have the metal cleared.
Once the metal blocks are gone, hopefully the blocks will match up well enough to get you to the ground row.



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