Pet Rescue Saga Level 597

Pet Rescue Saga Level 597


Target: Save 6 pets 

This was a ridiculously difficult level to complete when it asked you to get 8 pets in 40 moves, but thankfully the level has changed and only 6 pets are required now.
These tips and video are still valid, no matter how many pets!

Things to note before you start:
Pets only fall into the 2 columns that have stone pillars.
There can be only 4 pets on the board at one time.
Pinwheels, and springs only fall in the 2 first columns and the last 3.
And the very last column will also give you bombs.

First, either use the spring to drop the first pet, and hope another will fall above a pillar, or try to get 4 pets on your board by opening a space above the pillars.
The first pillar is the best to get them over, as it’s easier to move pets across and down from it.
To have them appear over the pillar you need to remove enough blocks from the column directly to the left of the pillar (2 or more) to have the column slide a little and open the gap above it.
As each pet is saved open a gap for another to fall (until you have the required 6)

Use the pinwheels to get the largest groups of blocks possible, including as many x2 blocks as you can, to build up your rockets.
Swipe whole columns to have everything slide to the left and move the pets toward where they can exit.
Pets 597
* This was the main ‘trick’ that enabled me to pass 597 *
Try to get several pets into the one column (this is why getting them over the first pillar works best), then you can slide them across and drop them all down, in less moves!

If you have springs that are easily dropped to the bottom, also use them to swipe out whole column.



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