Pet Rescue Saga level 062

Pet Rescue Saga Level 62

Strategy Pic 1

Strategy Pic 1, Level 62

Target: Clear 85% of the Blocks and Get at least 30 000 points

It isn’t that easy to get the needed 85% of the Blocks cleared without either leaving them in the End or dropping them on the way. That is why I take in Block Buster Boosters (Hammers) to the game. 3 should be enough. ;-)

When the first Key shows up(Strategy Pic 1), you need to drop the level as much as you can to see the second row of marble blocks. Use the Rocket that you will have activated at your right hand side very very carefully. I suggest you use it to gain score from the diamond blocks and if needed, use a hammer Booster to crack a block under the key, when the second marble row is visible.

Strategy Pic 2

Strategy Pic 2, Level 62

When you get to the first sealed metal blocks (Strategy Pic 2), again consider carefully on howto use the Rocket, you WILL need to get as many of these metal blocks blasted away with a column rocket blaster.



Having the built in row blaster (spring) in the middle to blast away up to four solid metal blocks comes in quite handy (Strategy Pic 3, Level 62).

Strategy Pic 3, Level 62

Strategy Pic 2, the floor, Level 62

Use hammers to knock out any blocks under diamonds, so that you can collect the score from the diamonds as well. This level is so far considered as impossible for 3 Stars, but as we all get more skilled, we hopefully find the trick for 3 Stars at Level 62, in Pet rescue Saga.

In this video a glitch have occurred, giving us the possibility to take in more than 3 hammers into the game. The game is played with only 3 hammers though, since it isn’t easy at all to get more than 3 Hammers into the game.

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6 thoughts on “Pet Rescue Saga level 062

  1. I am at Level 64 and am very frustrated! I have got this far with out buying boosters but am not very keen to spend tons of money! I can not see any tips on this level.

  2. Do the diamonds do anything other than just disappear when they hit a hard surface? It seems to me as though there should be something more significant than that about them.

  3. Question: Many times before, when I play I got more of 20.000 points and 85% of the blocks clear they said level failed why?

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