Pet Rescue Saga Level 631

Pet Rescue Saga Level 631

Target: Save 13 pets

Originally this level asked for you to rescue 15 pets, it was incredibly difficult to do.
Keep trying until you get balloons, balloons and more balloons!

Other things that might help:
Open the key as soon as possible (getting a few pets down before this stage makes no difference, in fact opening the board sooner is better as you’ve more chance of balloons)
Also try to keep four pets on the board at all times.
As soon as one is free, choose your column (one that has an ‘easy’ passage to the bottom, or is beside other pets, or above a line blaster) and make a match in it so that the next pet falls there.

If you’re not getting balloons and more than one, just quit, it’s not worth the angst!

This video  shows 15 pets being rescued, the game is easier now :)

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