Pet Rescue Saga Level 657


Pet Rescue Saga Level 657

Target: Save 17 pets

First clear the bottom section (from the right side, not left as usual in Pet Rescue) until the line blaster and/or key has dropped.
If the key is down first, use it, then the line blaster.
If the line blaster dropped before the key, use it then unlock as soon as possible.
There is no need to clear the top section, the balloons will do that for you when they get popped (by the line blaster, or individually)

If you keep the spiky multiplying virus it can be very helpful for clearing one side of the board while you work on the other.

Use the virus to help clear the board

Use the virus to help clear the board

The hammers you build up are useful for breaking the checkered pattern the virus makes and dropping it into rows for clearing.

If you lose the virus, rely on large groups of blocks to drop pets and clear the board more efficiently.
Don’t be tempted to go for a high score by linking all the x2 blocks, it will just waste moves.
Save the high score for something to do after you’ve passed the level!

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