Pet Rescue Saga Level 661

Pet Rescue Saga Level 661

Target: Save 18 pets

In this level you can have a Pet in each column, so try to have as many pets on the board as you can, and be working them all down at once.

Clear the central column to drop Pets faster!

Clear the central column to drop Pets faster!

There is a column in the centre of the board that is split by a solid block, clearing the block/s under this will cause the column to it’s right to slide and drop a new pet .
Concentrate on keeping the space under the solid block cleared while you work Pets down, and that will make this column drop more pets than any of the others.

Use the line blasters that drop within this level to clear whole rows, the bottom row is a good place to set them off!
And, if you’re lucky, some balloons will also drop and help clear the board.
Good Luck  :)

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