Pet Rescue Saga Level 668

Pet Rescue Saga Level 668

Target: Save 10 Pets

This level is quite tricky to complete in the limited moves it has available.
Pets only fall within the last four columns, and this can be so random that many moves are made without any sign of a pet :(

You can work on getting the key unlocked and have a full board of blocks to work with, or, as shown in this video example not bother unlocking.
A combination of both methods works well too, try getting as many as possible down via the unlocked method, then if you get stuck, open the board up.

Paint and remove columns to drop Pets down to the left

Paint and remove columns to drop Pets down to the left…

To save all the Pets without using the key, try to keep all your moves within the last two columns or the lower half of the board.
If blocks are removed from the other parts of the board a Pet may drop that cannot be saved.
When the board stays locked, only the Pets that fall in the final column can be rescued. Remove columns to their left and they will slide down and out.
Use the paint (earned within the level) to color columns, so that the one with the pet in it can slide to the left.
Hopefully plenty of line blasters will also drop, and help you remove whole columns too!

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  1. pet saga owes me 7 lifes the new game is not working right it is making me upset

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