Pet Rescue Saga Level 678

Pet Rescue Saga Level 678

Target: Save 6 Pets

Blast this row three times!

Blast this row three times!

Firstly, do not worry about ‘wasting’ springs (line blasters) – more will drop after the original ones are used.

This method uses the line blasters in the fourth row up first, blast them in this row three times (more blasters will drop into the row each time).

Moves are limited, so even if you can do moves with the blocks in this row, it is more efficient to use the blasters.

Now two pet carriers on each side will be together, open these.
Then, use a line blaster to free the other two pets.

The next aim, is to get blasters level with the cages.
Keep a block between the pets and the cage and reduce all the cages until they are only wooden cages that will smash when the hit something solid.
Try to keep both sides of the board level as it helps to reduce the moves needed.
If you run out of blasters, more will drop.

While doing this you need to find a way to get blasters to the bottom row, the hammer booster (built up within the game) is very handy for this.

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