Pet Rescue Saga Level 681

Pet Rescue Saga Level 681

Target: Save 14 pets

PRS 681 bottom row

The first problem you encounter in level 681 is the alternate colors of carriers and blocks in the second row.
If you’re lucky, you’ll get some that are easier to open because they start with matching blocks below them.
If not, it may be easier to quit and start again, and waste a ‘life’ rather than waste your time!

After you’ve freed the bottom pets, work on dropping down the remaining carriers to crack the glass that surrounds them.
Then they’ll need to be freed also.
The balloon booster comes in very handy for opening the carriers or removing blocks that are in your path.
The bombs that drop in this level are great for opening the carriers, or for building up your booster.
Three bomb explosions can fully charge the booster, so if you get a lot of bombs you can also use more boosters!

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