Pet Rescue Saga Level 693

Pet Rescue Saga Level 693

Target: Save 8 pets

Concentrate mainly on dropping your pets in the far right column, and there may be an easy one or two to save in the left column also.

As they fall, remove obstacles like cages with line blasters from the middle section.
Plan your moves so that the mesh comes off the blasters at the right moment to be useful.
The downward blasters are great if they fall just under or over a pet, release these either with a match beside them, or by hitting with a blaster from the middle of the board.

Just because the paint booster has charged up, does not mean you have to use it!
Pick the times in your game that paint is needed to make a match that will open the mesh off a blaster, or bomb.or when you need to paint a ‘path’ that will drop a pet.
Always try to use it to make a few x2 blocks (by painting over the same color) as this will also maximise your points.

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