Pet Rescue Saga level 085

Pet Rescue Saga Level 85

Try to open both keys and just some of the bombs at the top of the game.

When you unlock the the keys, they will only unlock blocks that are are visible, so make sure all four rows of locked blocks are included by the time you do the 2nd key.
Before unlocking (especially the 2nd key), make all the matches you can.
This can help in sliding the blocks to the left and separating the pets from the wooden cages.
Once unlocked, if you can, use the spring (line blaster) or bombs on the wooden cages.
Your success in dropping the pets to the bottom will depend on if you’ve managed to keep them away from the cages.
One pet can afford to be ‘lost’ though, as there are 7 in the level, and you only need to save 6.
If you’ve managed to save a bomb or two they could be very helpful in the bottom rows, especially if one or two pets are trapped.


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  1. you must scroll down enough to see the first two sets of blocks in your screen before you break the block with the key. ( only one key) saving the second key for the second set of blocks.

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