Pet Rescue Saga Level TRICKS and SNEAK PEEKS to help you pass ALL Levels FAST without cheats!

Walkthroughs, tricks, a fast cheat sheet and tips for every Level in Pet Rescue Saga.

prs-level-walkthroughs-pet-rescue-sagaHere is the complete list for Pet Rescue Saga Video Walkthroughs, the perfect tool for you to swoosh through levels!

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  • 148-297
  • 298-852
  • 853-1002

This is the Level Guide for Pet Rescue Saga Levels /  the Pet Rescue Saga help Index.

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This Level Index is maintained and edited EVERY WEEK, usually daily! That is to keep up with old changed levels and of course to add new videos whenever King launch new Pet Rescue Saga Levels.

You will find many great vids at the Official Pet Rescue Saga Youtube channel!
Please SHARE this library of DEMO’s with your friends, without your support we can not maintain the index accurate.

316 thoughts on “Pet Rescue Saga Level TRICKS and SNEAK PEEKS to help you pass ALL Levels FAST without cheats!

  1. Have reached level 87, and it seems no 88 onwards is available as yet, could u let me know when this is going to be updated so that i can continue to play.


    • gente eu quero volta a joga.ta demorando muito quando vcs vão libera o nivel 163 estou doida pra começara brincadeira estou esperando beijão

      • eu nao poderia deixar de fala sobre vcs ,eu adoro o jogos de vcs eu estou perdida mente apaixonada pelo pet Rescue saga eu amo esses bichinhos ♥

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  3. hola estoy en grave problema ,yo juego al juego y hace unos cuantos días en el fasebook cargo el juego como todos los días y no se carga tampoco me llegan las ayudas y ni tampoco los pedidos de ayuda de la gente que jugamos aparece la pantalla en blanco es solo en mi cuenta ,porque entraron a otra cuenta de la misma computadora y se carga bien sin ningún problema les voy a gradecer si me ayudan arreglar el problema porque el juego esta muy bueno si no lo dejaría así . gracias rosalia

    hello I’m in serious trouble, and I play the game a few days ago on the charge fasebook the game as usual and not charge me not arrive nor aid and calls for help from people who play screen appears in white is only in my mind, because they entered another account in the same computer and it loads fine without any problems I will gradecer if you help me fix the problem because the game is very good if not leave it like that. thanks rosalia

    • We are many having this problem at the moment. Including yours truly. Nothing I can help I am afraid.

  4. pourquoi le jeux pet rescue saga s arrete au niveau 102 je l ai passer et plus rien dommage v mettre message a tous c qui joue sur faceboock ca sert a rien

  5. Since 3 days, they have changed most of the levels, and made some of the very tough ones easy…
    So, some of the videos of walkthrough, are old…
    Kindly post some videos of levels of which changes have been made..
    ThanQ :)
    30th Jan 2013

    • I have posted new videos for LVL 64 and 71, those are the only one I know of, that have changed. What other levels have changed?

  6. Is there anything after level 102 :(
    Just completed level 102 and cant seem to move on?

  7. I can’t seem to manage level 43, in every walkthrough I have watched on You Tube they start with two bombs on the ground, but I only have bombs up on the platforms and blocks. It seems impossible to pull this off without any boosters. Help.

  8. Level 42, your walkthrough shows 70 moves and 4 pets to be got, whereas they have changed it now to just 55 moves and 8 pets to be got… please post a new video, if possible..

    ThanQ :)

  9. oyun da 5 hak bıttıgınde vıdeo ızleyınce can verıyo ama bir tanıdıgım da vermıyor yardım eder misiniz? teşekkürler.


  11. yoohoo! completed all levels. When will the next lot come out.
    Congrats to all my rescue saga friends who also made it and those who are trailing not far behind.

  12. Thank you so much for the videos! They helped me soo many times!! :))
    I just found out that the link for level 95 is showing the video for level 94.

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  14. En mi compu no se abre el Pet, queda la pantalla en blanco.Que debo hacer?…..el juego esta muy bueno.
    In my computer does not open the Pet, the screen stays blanco.Que I do? ….. The game is very good.

    • Try to clean out your cache and cookies in the web browser
      Trate de limpiar la caché y las cookies en el navegador web

  15. kiedy można się spodziewać odblokowania 133 poziomu :( czekam zniecierpliwiona :(

  16. cual es el secreto del nivel 144? al usar el traductor no entiendo Gracias!!!!!!!

  17. I am having trouble with Level 84 and the video for hints and tips will not play for me on Youtube. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Are there any other videos or hints somewhere else I could view or read? Thanks.

  18. Thank you for your prompt reply. I love Pet Rescue Saga! I started to try that yesterday, but didn’t know if it would mess up my computer.

  19. este ultimul nivel 147 ??? sau cum trec mai departe…multumesc astept un raspuns

  20. Watched the video for level 82, but it’s not really showing me anything cause the blocks are all different every time. can u show me another video of level 82????

  21. quero saber a onde está a fase 148, pois vces fizeram eu gastar até agora, então safados façam esta fase liberar imediatamente! obrigada!

  22. Hello I’ve been stuck on level 47 on Pet Rescue Saga for 2 or 3 months just can not get my animals rescued,I’m always stuck with crates no matter what I do,watched the level on tube walk through loads of times,and it just isn’t working for me,on the verge of giving up! :(