Pet Rescue Saga Level 903

Pet Rescue Saga Level 903 – tips and video by the Blogging Witches





TIP: In Pet Rescue Saga Level 903 you  can see 2 pets on the board.

First little trick – when you open the level, remove top left block ( any color). Third pet should fall down at the top right side of the board. If it didn’t my advice is to start over. You can see in the video. Even though, you can get really high scores here because of all those paint brushes, try to focus on saving pets as this is very hard level. Use them so you can remove larger sets of blocks. You can have max 3 pets on the board and as soon as you save one pet, another will show up, very often will next move you make. Also be careful about the moves. For some easier counting, you should have around 20 moves when you already have 6 pets – to even get a chance to pass this level. Reason is simple – because only 3 pets show up.