Pet Rescue Saga Level 902

Pet Rescue Saga Level 902 – written guides and video by the Blogging Witches

TARGET: remove 100% and get at least 3000 points.



TIP: get that first on the left Line Blast so it is under the key. Use balloons if you don’t have nice moves, if not save it as much as you can. Also, try to remove the glass on second Line blast, so when key opens the board you will have a chance to remove that “wire maker” with that Line Blast ( watch in the video). If you saved 1 balloon, now is a good time to use it to remove one color on the board. There are 3 sections left middle and right where the send key is standing. You will never get good blocks to release it so use a hammer you got from making matches and before you use it, remove all blocks around it. Now concrete on moving blocks from the middle of the left side so when you use the key, all blocks will be in one space. If you use it before, blocks that were above stone blocks will fall down in that right section and you will not be able to move it or remove. Use a bomb ( if you already didn’t) for the remaining blocks.